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MODEL-IT can take your ideas from concept to completion.We offer complete detailing services for mechanical components and assemblies.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Producing 3D models of components and assemblies which comply with the constraints of time, cost, manufacturability and function.
  • Producing associative detailed drawings and parts lists of components and assemblies which are correct, clear and consistent, and which comply with design requirement.
  • Being fully conversant with relevant standards, geometric tolerancing and functional dimensioning. We also have the ability and experience to interface with other CAD systems.
  • Providing CAD design for all phases of project development from feasibility concepts through to completion.

Our knowledge of precision machinery, materials, production processes, measurement techniques, casting, fabrication and welding procedures to ensure projects are taken on with a degree of ease.


  • General Arrangement drawings Details concerning: installation, weight of sub systems, service supply, overall weight/ mass and dimensions.
  • Arrangement drawings Information to: *test, lift, construct, transport and install equipment of the self-contained units. Information including: * fabrication and detail drawing *overall dimension *weight/mass *table of components *lifting points. These drawings may illustrate details of components and their assembly in at least three different orthographic views.
  • Detail drawings Includes in depth detail of components used to construct the mechanical system to ensure the designer’s specifications are met: *relevant codes *weight *geometry *mass *material *heat treatment requirements *surface texture *standards *size and geometric tolerances.
  • Fabrication drawings Includes complex details of lists of items, which are identified in balloons with leader lines, that create the fabrication: codes and tolerances, details on heat/ stress treatments and welding and material standards .